Partnership for Children of Johnston County provides a variety of services to support families and providers, below are just a few.

Family Support - Parents as Teachers – Intensive parent education program which educates families on child development and parenting skills in order to promote child language, intellectual growth, and physical and social-emotional skills.

Health Related - Assuring Better Child Health & Development – Educates pediatricians and general practitioners of the importance of a comprehensive developmental screening process through group meetings and one-on-one site visits.

 Johnston Inclusion Support Services - Provide consultation, technical assistance and training to child- care providers and families of children in care when there is a developmental, behavioral or social-emotional concern.

System Support - Program Coordination/Evaluation – Ensures coordination and collaboration among Smart Start funded services and other county agencies targeting children 0-5, and to provide technical assistance to Smart Start service providers, to ensure programmatic accountability.

WAGES - Provides education-based salary supplements to qualifying teachers, directors and family child care providers, to reward teacher education and encourage continuity of care.

TIP (Teacher Incentive Program) –TIP is an incentive program which provides assistance in paying for health insurance for individuals achieving higher levels of education. TIP works to promote a more highly qualified child care workforce and reduce turn-over.


The SAFEchild Advocacy Center is a warm, welcoming facility providing coordinated support to child victims of physical or sexual abuse and their families.  SAFEchild prevents abuse with a range of programs for parents and children.

Group Education Programs - Helps parents develop positive parenting skills and decrease behaviors associated with abuse and neglect.

 Home, School, and Center-Based Programs:

Welcome Baby is a home visiting program which pairs a new mom with an experienced mom to provide guidance and friendship.  Funny Tummy Feelings is a primary prevention program offered in first and second grade classrooms.