our community involvement

  • 1600 Participants (Praying for the End of Child Abuse)

  • Moment of Prayer Outreach (Churches, Organizations, etc.)

  • Seminar (Deconstructing the Shaniya Davis Case)

  • Vigils(distribution of materials & lighting of candles)

  • Planting of Pinwheels

  • Community Programs: Speakers, Laying of the Butterflies, & Lighting of Candles

  • Displaying of Blue Bows (Downtown Smithfield Businesses)

  • Wearing of Dark Blue Clothing (Churches & Businesses)

  • Distribution of Materials & Resources:

  • Presenting at Various Community Health Fairs

  • Providing Packets of Materials to various organizations, churches, events, etc.

  • Sharing of Brochures and Flyers: (How To Be A Blue Ribbon Parent, Family, or Community), Ten Signs of Child Abuse, Seven Steps To Stamp Out Child Abuse, etc.

  • 5K Walks To Prevent Child Abuse

What Can You & Your Community Do?

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