Hands of Protection to Prevent Child Abuse is a non-profit organization that was created to increase public awareness of child abuse and neglect in communities. Efforts Include distribution of valuable information and resources, the organization of various events to inform the public of the signs and kinds (of abuse) and how to help a child in need.

Hands of Protection to Prevent Child Abuse provides seminars, materials, and varied activities including the organizing of events (planting of pinwheel gardens, vigils, 5K Walks, etc.) to support being a voice for children in need. This year our focus includes implementing of strategies to help ensure that every child has an equal opportunity for healthy growth and development.

Goals (2020-2021)

To work closely and develop partnerships with varied agencies and organizations that provide needed services to strengthen communities.

Promote evidence based concepts/programs including the Five Protective Factors, Recognizing and Responding to Suspicions of Child Maltreatment, ACES/Resilience, and others.

Increase participation of churches, businesses, organizations, etc. in varied activities during the Prevention of Child Abuse Month (creating of pinwheel gardens.

Use Website/Facebook to provide announcements, valuable articles, information, and resources that support the awareness and prevention of child maltreatment.

A special thank you for everyone's continue support!

Board Leadership

Hands of Protection to Prevent Child Abuse is led by six volunteer leaders dedicated to ensure that all children have an opportunity to grow in a nurturing environment.


Patricia Grantham, President

Channte Keith, Vice President

Wilma Keith Jackson, Secretary

Cassie Arnette, Recording Secretary

Jo Ann Phillips, Financial Secretary

Dr. Carolyn Penny, Director


Keiva Robinson - Chair

Cassie Arnette- Co-Chair

Michelle Bridges Jason Mahoney

Ethel Childs Ronald Penny, Jr.

Victoria Grant JoAnn Phillips


JoAnn Phillips - Chair

Terri Adams Wiladean Thomas


Pat Grantham - Chair

Carolyn Penny - Co-Chair

Terri Adams Erica Fields

Elvivian Brown Barbara Floyd

Jackie Brown Delanie Penny

Elizabeth Chance Joyce Ray

Darlene Engleton Nina Rethemeyer


Vivian Hurlston/Vinita Sharma - Chair

Eboni Green - Co-Chair

Ethel Childs Hillary McFarland

Adriene Gamble Ron Penny, Jr.

Maurice Gonzalez Jalen Keith Pittman

Margaret Herder Hill Wiladean Thomas

Channte' Keith


Elizabeth Chance - Chair

Macine Powell - Co-Chair

Erin Belcher Vivian Hurlston

Elvivian Brown Charita Murphy

Elizabeth Chance Macine Powell

Vivian Childs Nina Rethemeyer

Ariane Dolby Vinita Sharma

Victoria Grant Faye Terrell

Eboni Green Betty Bethea Williams

Mary Hinton Jessica Williams


Barbara Floyd - Chair

Wilma Jackson - Co-Chair

Janice Coaxum Carolyn Penny

Patricia Grantham Nina Rethemeyer

Channte' Keith Regina Sanders

Adhoc Committees:

Prevention of Child Abuse Month Activities: Michelle Bridges, Elizabeth Chance, and Macine Powell.

Scholarship: Elizabeth Chance, Theresa Adams, Ariane Dolby, Charita Murphy, Macine Powell, Keiva Robinson, and Wiladean Thomas.