Our Story


On November 10, 2009 as I was cleaning, my attention was drawn to a Fayetteville, North Carolina news report on television.  A mother, Antoinette Davis, had reported that her little 5 year old girl was missing.  Immediately, I thought of my grandchild, Delanie, and how she looked so much like the little missing girl, Shaniya.  Daily prayers were done for the safe return of an innocent little one. 

As news releases continued, allegations were made that Shaniya was sold into prostitution by her mother.  Later, Shaniya was seen on a hotel security camera being carried by a man.  My heart pained to even imagine such horrific acts against a little one.  When the news was released that her body (sexually assaulted and suffocated) had been found in an overgrown field on the Lee-Harnett county line, I knew that we must be a voice for children in need. 

With restless nights and unsure of what to do next, prayer became the answer.  Our first steps included praying for the end of child abuse my members of my church and 1600 individuals(family, friends, co-workers, etc.), a seminar, and vigil in 2010. During our second year, 2011, the distribution of information regarding the signs/kinds of child abuse and how to take action was emphasized.  A special thanks to Safechild for providing valuable resources during our 1st Community Program to promote the prevention of child abuse.  Our name was also created from the suggestions of Mrs. Hooker and Minister Bradley and we obtained status as a non-profit organization in 2011.  In 2012, our major project for the year was a successful 1st (5K) Walk To Prevent Child Abuse at the Amphitheater located in Smithfield, North Carolina. Please see community involvement section for (2013-2016) activities/projects.  

We continue to raise public awareness of child abuse by presentations and distribution of information at community events, planting of pinwheel gardens, placing of ribbons on businesses during the month of April, and other valuable activities/projects.  With the continued support from individuals, organizations, churches, and varied resources, we are able to meet the goals of our organization.  In addition, funds raised during events are shared with Safechild of Raleigh and Partnership For Children of Johnston County during fundraising activities.