Every child deserves to grow up in a healthy, happy, and loving environment where they feel valued.  We must ensure that all children grow up free from abuse or fear of injury or death.  year, the lives of innocent We must become the voice of children in need.  

During 2016, we will  sponsor two major events:
Vigil ("Hurting, Healing, & Hope") will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at Good Samaritan Baptist Church located at 9433 White Oak Road.  The program starts at 5:00 pm with speakers, performers, and participation of children (all ages) in a candle light ceremony.  

Luncheon to be held in October.  More information will be provided in July. 

(2016) Goals include:  

·      Increase participation at local/regional leveled events (health fairs, conferences, seminars, etc.) to support our mission. 

·      Use Website/Facebook to provide announcements, valuable articles, information, and resources that support the awareness and prevention of child maltreatment.

·      Provide resources to increase community awareness of the signs/kinds of child abuse and available resources to prevent child abuse:  (1) Identify and provide resources for (6) churches to participate in the Prevention of Child Abuse Month Activities.  (2) Contact (6) businesses to plant a pinwheel garden

A special thanks to everyone for diligently working to ensure that Hands Of Protection To Prevent Child Abuse continues to their meet our goals.   


Dr.Carolyn M. Penny & Dr. Ronald Penny

Dr. Carolyn M. Penny & Dr. Ronald Penny, Founders



                                                            WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!